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Our Mission Statement


Northside Baptist School was established in September 1955, as a wholly owned ministry of Northside Baptist Church, to meet the needs of young children by providing an environment where they can grow spiritually, mentally, socially, physically and emotionally. We are concerned with the development of Christian leadership for the future; therefore, we place emphasis upon the spiritual as well as the educational growth of the child. It is to this end that our teaching efforts shall be directed throughout the school year.



The Vision of Northside Baptist School


To bring glory to God by making disciples

for Jesus Christ through academic, credible, creative

and caring expressions of our faith.


“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not turn from it.”

                                                           -Proverbs 22:6



Spiritual – To help the child:

                1.  Grow in their knowledge of God and His love and care.

                2.  Know that Jesus is God’s Son; to feel that Jesus is their best friend; to know why                       Jesus helped people; to want to be like Jesus.

                3.  Think of the Bible as the best book which tells about God and Jesus and about                         how to be happy; to know stories and verses from the Bible.

                4.  Think of the church as a special place to learn about God and Jesus.


Emotional – To help the child:

                1.  Gradually mature in emotional responses.

                2.  Properly express emotional responses.

                3.  Face and overcome emotional problems.


Mental – To help the child:

                1.  Be an independent thinker.

                2.  Broaden their range of interest.

                3.  Develop language powers.

                4.  Grow in ability to concentrate.

                5.  Improve their academic skills.


Physical – To help the child:

                1.  Participate in a variety of motor activities, developing muscular coordination and                       control.

                2.  Develop desirable health habits.


Social – To help the child:

                1.  Respect personal and property rights of others.

                2.  Grow in ability to work and play satisfactorily with others.

                3.  Develop attitude of kindness, cooperation, courtesy and helpfulness toward                               others.

                4.  Accept appropriate individual and social responsibilities.

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